Providing durable, quality - pipe markers to companies for over 60 years

Since its inception in 1959, Craftmark has developed into a global leader in identification products. From development to testing and in-house manufacturing, Craftmark assured its products meet or exceed industry standards and our customer expectations.


Pipe Markers

Craftmark has a wide array of pipe marking products. From snap on, self-stick, roll-form, reflective, glow in the dark to underground, cold-temp, high-temp and high performance. Craftmark’s pipe markers meet specifications for mechanical piping, medical gas, ammonia refrigeration andfire protection. You are sure to find the product you need with Craftmark.

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Arrow Tape & Banding Tape

Stock and custom Direction Flow Arrow Tape is available in a full palette of color combinations and widths to meet or exceed ANSI/ASME A13.1-2000 specifications. Banding tapes are available to complete self-stick pipe marker installations per specification.

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Valve Tags

Craftmark Valve Tags are available in brass, plastic, aluminum , powder coated anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Tags meet ANSI/ASME A13.1-2000 specifications.

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Pipe Marking Accessories

Craftmark has a large range pipe marking and valve tag accessories Shop Pipe Marking Accessories

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Equipment Tags

Equipment tags and signs are essential for marking mechanical equipment in industrial applications. Craftmark offers equipment tags in engraved plastic, phenolic , brass, aluminum, powder coated anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

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Fire Protection Signs

We offer several types of fire protection signs for indoor and outdoor use. All of our signage meets safety standards and requirements. We offer roll-form, self-stick, snap-on, and vinyl self-adhesive signs. Shop Fire Protection Signs

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Ammonia Markers

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Medical Gas Markers

Our medical gas markers are perfect for marking your medical pipes for safety. We offer self-stick, roll-form, and snap on pipe markers. Shop Medical Gas Markers

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Electrical Labels & Conduit Markers

Craftmark’s electrical labels and conduit markers conform 100% to ASME (ANSI) 2020 Standard “Scheme for the Identification of Piping Systems”. We use only the most durable materials and UV screen inks. No preparation of the pipe surface is required before application so valuable labor time is saved. We offer snap-on, self-stick, and roll form conduit markers. Shop Electrical Labels & Conduit Markers

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Duct Markers

Durable self-stick vinyl with peel off liners for easy application. Our Duct Markers make your HVAC maintenance easy and safer with clearly identifying labels. Indoor and outdoor grade duct markers are available in custom legends and colors. Shop Duct Markers

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Custom Products

We offer a wide range of custom products. Pipe markers, valve tags, signs and nameplates. Shop our Custom Products

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Marine & Offshore Products

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Fully Stocked Inventory for Quick Shipment

Craftmark stocks thousands of products in our vast warehouse that are available for immediate shipment. You can count on us for your custom products as well as we are known for our “envy of the industry” custom product leadtimes.

Research, Product Development & Testing

We are known as innovators within the industry. Craftmark develops, designs and tests products to assure durability and conformity to industry standards. Products are tested to ASTM Standards utilizing our in-house Research, Product Development & Testing Center. Typical resistance testing includes UV, abrasion , condensation, salt water, chemical and environmental temperatures.

Meets Specifications Around the World

Around the globe there are various Pipe Marking specifications that are all focused on the same end result- Safety. Whether its ASME/ANSI, GHS/CLP, European Standard, Australian Standard, British Standard, ISO 14726, CGA/NFPA, IIAR Bulletin #114 - Craftmark Pipe Markers has products to meet or exceed these standards. Whether they are localized marking standards to more broad standards such as ASME or GHS- Craftmark is the source for durable marking products.


We rely 100% on Craftmark for our pipe & valve identification products. We have been a customer for well over 20 years.
- Jim A. Industrial Piping
Craftmark’s name is synonymous with value, quality and competitiveness. We turn to Craftmark for all of our pipe labels, tags, signs & tapes as we know they meet the specifications that we must follow.
- Paul P. Advantage Mechanical
The folks at Craftmark have been like family to us for over 15 years. Too many times the PM forgets to order the identification on the job and we rely on Craftmark to get us what we need - when we need it! We can count on their quality time and time again. It’s a pleasure doing business with them!
- Steve G. Gohrman Mechanical Piping