Engraved Phenolic Nameplates & Signs



Craftmark’s Engraved Phenolic Plastic Nameplates & Signs are made to your exact specifications. Engraved through colored layers to expose a rich contrasting color text. Excellent for indoor marking needs. Choose from a wide array of color combinations, sizes and thickness. Electrically non-conductive, extremely durable, heat resistant, non-flammable, chemical and solvent resistant. Non-bending material is great for any flat application. Meets Mil-Spec 387A type N.D.P., LP-509, ASTM D-709, ES-1, ES-2, ES-3, LP-387.


• ANSI/ASME A13.1-2015 Scheme for the Identification of Piping Systems.
• Compliant with Directive 2011/65/EU and 2015/863
• Complies with standards set forth by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule # 1168
• Complies with the Green Seal Standard, GS-36 for Commercial Adhesives pertaining to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Self-Stick backing contains less than 5.6g/Liter of VOC-volatile organic compounds.
• MIL-STD-387A type N.D.P., LP-509
• ASTM D 709, ES-1, ES-2, ES-3, LP-387.


• Durable indoor nameplates & signs for marking and identifying all types of commercial and industrial equipment and facilities as needed.
• Available in 1/16 “and 1/8 “.
• Available in 6 standard background colors.
• Engraved characters.
• Choose from holes and/or adhesive backing for application.
• Available in 12 standard sizes as well as custom sizing as needed.
• Electrically non-conductive.
• Heat resistant.
• Non-flammable
• Chemical and solvent resistant.
• Meets Mil-Spec 387A type N.D.P., LP-509, ASTM D-709, ES-1, ES-2, ES-3, LP-387.


• Craftmark’s Engraved Phenolic Plastic Valve Tags are excellent for marking a wide variety of valves and industrial equipment as needed.
• Available in 6 standard background/ text color combinations.
• Available in 12 standard sizes as well as custom sizing as needed.


Material Characteristics

Use & Application Craftmark™ Engraved Phenolic Plastic Nameplates & Signs are perfect for indoor marking of commercial and industrial equipment and facilities.
Unit of Measure Each
Unit quantity 1
trade name Craftmark™ Engraved Phenolic Plastic Nameplates & Signs
brand name Craftmark™
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN United States of America
hts code
MATERIAL TYPE Phenolic Plastic-melamine/colored paper cores with black, white or colored top layer.
Material Thickness 1/16” and 1/8”
Application Type Screws and/or Adhesive backing
surface preparations Must be applied to a clean, dry surface if using adhesive backing.
Indoor/Outdoor Use Can be used indoors only.
Compatible Surface Types Flat
Average Outdoor Durability 6 months average outdoor durability.
Moisture Resistance Excellent moisture resistance.
Chemical Resistance Excellent resistance to most petroleum solvents and low aliphatic alcohols.
Storage Stability Indefinite storage and shelf life when stored at 70° F (21°C) and 50% max relative humidity.

Product Dimensions

Product WEIGHT

Style/Size Overall Size Height Width
PHE-1 .75” X 2.5” .75” 2.5"
PHE-2 1” X 2.5” 1.0" 2.5"
PHE-3 1” X 3” 1.0" 3.0"
PHE-4 2” X 3” 2.0" 3.0"
PHE-5 1.5” X 4” 1.5" 4.0"
PHE-6 2” X 4” 2.0" 4.0"
PHE-7 2.5” X 4” 2.5" 4.0"
PHE-8 3” X 6” 3.0" 6.0"
PHE-9 4” X 6” 4.0" 6.0"
PHE-10 4” X 8” 4.0" 8.0"
PHE-11 4” X 10” 4.0" 10.0"
PHE-12 4” X 12” 4.0" 12.0"
Style/Size 1/6" Weight
PHE-1  /.75” X 2.5” .005 #
PHE-2  / 1”X 2.5” .007 #
PHE-3  / 1”X 3” .009 #
PHE-4  / 2”X 3” .017 #
PHE-5  /1.5” X 4” .017 #
PHE-6  / 2”X 4” .023 #
PHE-7  /2.5” X 4” .029 #
PHE-8  / 3”X 6” .052 #
PHE-9  / 4”X 6” .067 #
PHE-10 /4” X 8” .093 #
PHE-11 /4” X 10” .116 #
PHE-12 /4” X 12” .139 # 


Craftmark Pipe Marker products are sold with the understanding that the buyer will test them in actual use and determine for himself their adaptability for the intended use in a specific geographic location. Craftmark Pipe Markers warrants to the buyer that’s its products are free from defects in material and workmanship but ,limits its obligation to replacement of the product only.

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