Fire Protection Arrow Tape


Fire Protection Arrow Tape

Indoor/outdoor grade 4 mil vinyl is excellent for indicating flow direction along with Craftmark Pipe Markers. 

Direction Flow Arrow Tape can be used by itself to indicate flow direction as well as with DuraMark™ Pipe Markers to comply 100% to ASME (ANSI) A13.1-2015. ANSI Z535.1 Safety Color Codes.

Craftmark's Arrow Tape is the finishing touch for our DuraMark™ pipe marker system. Combines color coding with arrows for cost & labor savings! 

  • Ultra-Durable self stick vinyl
  • Matching color combinations meet ASME (ANSI) A13.1-2015 standards
  • Serves to secure markers to pipe as well as indicate flow direction
  • Provides 360° visibility of flow direction
  • 30 yard rolls
  • Available in 5 stock widths