SpecMark™ Blank Snap On™ Marker


BlankSpecMark™ SNAP ON® Pipe Markers are great for on the spot marking needs. Markers simply "snap" around the pipe. No need to clean or degrease. marker accepts most any marker. Perfect for temporary markings or use with labels from label marker to make your own " Snap On". No pipe preparation necessary

  • 360° visibility - Styles AA-F
  • Installs quickly in new and existing facilities 
  • Can be removed and re-used
  • Available in 7 standard coiled sizes
  • Sizes F*-H* supplied with black nylon, UV stabilized ties
  • Sizes to fit 3/8" thru 40"
  • Coiled plastic is lightweight yet durable
  • coiled marker skas around pipe with ease
  • Heavy 15 mil vinyl on sizes AA-B
  • Super heavy duty 30 mil vinyl on sizes C-H